Catch the Local Buzz

Catch the Local Buzz

It's been a year!

For most of us, this last year has meant a lot of pivoting. Whether with families and having kids in school, or small businesses being open and closed, corporate employees working from home, having elder family members at a distance, shopping online, staying home, being isolated - it's all been a bit much!

We are adapting to the changes around us, whether we like them or not and it's been really hard.

As a small business owner in the tourism industry, constant change has been at the helm of every aspect of business, and slowing tours down to a much shorter season and limited in guest count has been a lot to swallow. But as an eternal optimist, I have tried to find ways to focus on the good.

Now don't get me wrong, that's really tough some days, but I believe we need to seek out the joy so we can make it to better times, and take in the small moments we have in front of us.

Like many of you, I've leaned into everything local from food, to drink, to virtual experiences, outdoor trails, and any mini adventures that are safely done at a distance.

In the effort to support as many small businesses as possible, I've taken to sharing about my experiences through social media and it didn't dawn on me until now to share all the things I've been finding in our own backyard through this blog too!

I will blame my constant racing mind and covid-brain (you know, the current mental state that can accomplish all the things and then nothing all at once?)

So I figured why not start now? As things start to open up a bit, and as the nicer weather arrives, we are going to want to explore and enjoy being outdoors in a safe way to simply get out of the house and soak up better weather.

This is an invitation to keep your eyes peeled to this channel for some more frequent updates as I share about local things to do, places to eat, and fun micro-adventures you can string together for some fun.

This weekend is the beginning of spring, and I don't know about you but I'm itching to do anything that keeps me and others safe, while providing a much needed boost of life and energy.

Here's to local adventures, and until the next entry, stay safe and enjoy the welcome sunshine.


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