It’s Time for a Harvest Party!

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Summer is fading with every passing day, and cooler temperatures are moving in. We are already reminiscing about the days of summer that have quickly passed us, and find ourselves hesitant to welcome the next season rolling in, but who can blame us?

I think it's natural for us to want to hold onto summer, I mean let's be serious...glorious sunshine, feet in the sand, sipping on cool drinks and eating light and fresh summer fare. There's a lot to love, no doubt. That carefree, less structured way of life somehow makes the rest of the year fade away and enjoyment is top of mind.

BUT...there's also nothing quite like the change of the seasons either. The leaves that change colour, the favourite cozy sweater that comes out of storage, the smell of crock pots bursting with fall flavours, and the shift from salads and BBQ, to stews, chilli and soups...mmm. I mean, I know I for one get tired of eating the same old things all the time, and find it's a bit of a blessing to have such varying seasons to enjoy the fruits of our province.

Over the last couple weeks as I've been driving from Waterloo Region with groups to explore Norfolk County, I've been gobsmacked by how much amazing produce is ready and waiting to be harvested..much of it already underway. Fields lined with pumpkins, squash, peppers, onions, apples and cabbage, and it gets me thinking about what I want to be cooking in my kitchen! What flavours do I want to have emanating through my home?

A favourite for me is butternut squash soup. Oh mama, there's such a warm fall feeling that comes with it. Buttery and smooth and goes so well with a side of grilled cheese.

A glorious start to this savoury soup is bringing home some squash from one of the many produce stands and farms in the area. (you can't go far in Norfolk without finding one) Freshly just-picked produce to make this family favourite beats the grocery store selection any day, not to mention directly impacts the farmer you get it from. That's a win-win that I can get on board with.

So now that I have my squash in hand, I'm ready to bring some warmth into my kitchen. I've included my fall-back recipe (oooh, see what I did there?).

Did I mention that as a busy solopreneur I don't get a lot of time for home cookin? That and single motherhood has me forever seeking easy and fast recipes that have me looking like a super mom and offering fresh local goodness as much as possible. This is one of many fast 'n easy ones in my arsenal.

I love it because it combines fresh local ingredients with a little thai inspiration. Let me know if you enjoy it as much as I do.

If you need some fresh squash, or other amazing fall produce to get you inspired, let me know and I can tell you of a handful of places that I visit regularly. Once you've shopped in Norfolk's Garden, you'll begin to see why produce, among other amazing finds, has Norfolk County on the map!

Bon Appetit!

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