Private Music Bingo Party

Virtual Music Bingo Dance Party

Join us for a customized virtual music bingo party, professionally hosted and DJ’d experience with your favourite people, virtually! A fun way to connect colleagues, friends or family during this pandemic.

What is Music Bingo? Instead of randomly selected numbers, the DJ hits you with 30 seconds of a song instead. While the song plays, you'll scan your bingo card for the song title and mark your bingo sheet as you have matches! It's a much more fun version of the original.

What’s included

No stress, just FUN! Leave all the details to us. Your all-inclusive music bingo party will include:

  • Engaging host that will keep your energy up and get everyone moving and smiling
  • Live DJ
  • Two bingo sheets per "login" (perfect for two people)
  • Instructions for how to login, and get the most from your experience
  • Opportunity for host to address group by going live, or send us a pre-recorded video message.
  • Your choice of music genres. Choose from 70'S, 80’s, 90’s, 2000's or a mix of all the above.
  • Theme your event - could be 80’s punk, ugly sweater, cocktail dress attire, or white party. You decide and we will comply! Have a prize? Let's make it a contest!
  • Virtual photo booth - everyone will leave the event with virtual personalized photos of their experience.
  • Option to add "Make & Shake Cocktail kits" to enjoy throughout your experience.

Events hosted in partnership with Thunderstorm Production’sMagical Mirror Photo and Taco Farm.

The Run Down

Runs for approx. 1 - 1.5 hr. | Starts at $599

Optional Shake & Make Cocktail Kits $30/ kit
(makes two drinks)

DIY cocktail kit - No charge

Please contact us directly for more information.

More Options

Want to add a music dance party to the end of your event? Or create a custom event? Have another idea you want to pursue? We would be happy to entertain your ideas. Contact us and let's see what kind of virtual experience we can make for you.

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